February 12, 2018

2018 - Paxton Centre Exhibition

In collaboration with Vic Kitchingman and Zoë Pencils we formed the Dulwich Wood Makers and enjoyed our first exhibition together at the Paxton Centre. The Paxton Centre is a vibrant arts space in Crystal Palace.

Who are the Dulwich Wood Makers? We are a creative collective united by friendship, parenthood and an enthusiasm for peculiar detail. With long careers in animation, the film industry and the art world, we’ve now teamed up to create prints, paintings and graphic art. 

The collective has grown from the need to pursue our individual passions but with the support of a group. By working closely we hope to nurture and develop each other’s practice. Despite the collaboration we each maintain our own characteristic style and personality. 

Emma’s prints are amalgamations of domestic settings and artefacts within the home. The images often capture what is lost or nearly lost, recording objects that have been left behind or may soon lose their former significance.

Vic’s paintings of various women are caught in differing poses. Some appear defiant, some daydreaming, others suspicious. What is recurrent is a strong sense that each woman has an interior life, an interior life that is impenetrable to the viewer who can only guess her real thoughts.

Zoë’s work sits somewhere between the two. Inspiration is found in abandoned shopping trolleys, damp woodlands, exercise routines, biscuits, painted fingernails, ready meals, personalised trinkets. This familiar imagery is used to build vignettes that are both odd and everyday, they symbolise our aspirations, our failings and the left overs.

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