After graduating with a BA Hons Textile Design in 1996 from Nottingham Trent University Emma began work in the film industry. Her first commission was to produce her own textile designs for the movie Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace in 1997.

For over twenty five years she has continued to work for film, television, fashion, theatre and interiors, producing embroidered and constructed textiles, bespoke dyed fabrics, aged, distressed, hand painted and silk screen printed textiles and costumes. She is hands-on and has supervised teams through prep and production working on projects within the UK, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Italy, Mexico and the USA. In 2010 she set up a facility in South East London and continued to work on projects from the studio. Some of these productions past and present:

Tiger Beer, Neiman Marcus, WGSN, DKNY, Mr Pearl for Thierry Mugler, Topsy Turvey, Sleepy Hollow, Band of Brothers, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Batman Begins, Atonement, Children of Men, Hellboy II, Batman The Dark Knight Rises, Paddington 2 and Warner Brothers Studio Tour (IMDB)

In 2012 Emma completed an illustration course at Central St Martins rediscovering the love of drawing and honing new digital technologies. As an occasional tutor on the course she continued compiling drawings combining them with collected papers, textiles, books, paper bags, tickets, souvenirs using photoshop to collage ideas and more lately experimenting with bio waste & natural dyes for  textiles and illustration.

In 2022, after 24 years in London Emma her young family relocated to South Yorkshire continuing to seek inspiration from the melting pot of cultures and stories within the family.

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